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Interested in teaching a live class?

All instructors, designers, and makers are welcome to sign up to teach a class on the Making app. Please fill out our Instructor Application Form if you are interested in teaching your class on our platform. Be prepared to provide your name, headshot, class photo, description, materials list and requirements. We will be in contact with details and further information.

What can I teach?

Anything crafting/making related! What are you most experienced and excited to teach? Crochet? Quilting? Sewing? Embroidery? Tech editing? Color theory?

How much should I charge for my class?

This is completely up to you! Every class varies, from time spent preparing, level of skills taught, time spent teaching, patterns created, etc. We recommend pricing your class at a price point that feels comfortable for you, while keeping in mind how many makers you’ll set as your max attendees. We recommend $15-$25 per maker for each 30 min spent in class. Eg: If your class is 1hr, $30-60 per maker.

How much do I make from teaching a class?

Instructors receive 70% of the class fees. We’re here to support you and we only earn when you earn, ensuring our incentives are aligned. Eg: 12 participants at $50/class = $600. 70% of $600 = $420 total earned by instructor for the class.

How many makers should I have attend my class?

Again, this is completely up to you and how you want to run your class. Something to consider is how involved your subject matter is and how you hope to connect with the makers in your class. The average class attendee set by instructors is 8-15, with some more involved classes having 6 max attendees and others have unlimited attendees.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact

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