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× Making

The Long Yarn


Making stems from a wealth of knowledge improved over generations and shared for the lime green star benefit of the community. Making means dark green star mending, learning from the past, and pushing for solutions. Making means orange badge thinking on your toes, stepping out of bounds, and discovering a new path. pink star The Making App sprouted from an idea sown in a garden of wonder. We watered it. We nurtured it. blue bean We sang our favorite songs to it. Now we’re ready to share the crop with our dearest making fam!

Our Social Fabric


We are a network of makers, doers, fixers, and changers. We want to make lasting connections, improve our skills (and ourselves), and create a new ecosystem for all makers to learn, explore, and grow. We honor the work of those who came before us, and we amplify the voices of women and BIPOC who continue to pave the way for a more inclusive future. Rich in fiber and made with love, the Making app is a place for every maker - from knitters to sewists, beginners to experts, and downright wholesome human beans. :)

Our Work in Progress



The Making App is a place of wonder and exploration. A place to discover new connections and imagine new possibilities.


The Making App is a place of inspiration. A place to find and share, to teach and learn, and to encourage growth for makers of all levels.


The Making App is a place for participation. A place for lively interactions - for listening, understanding, and communicating respect to each and every maker.

Our Common Threads


Making space for every maker means finding common ground through a common foundation. What we share is simple—a passion for making and a love for community. What we’re making is open and evolving. We want to grow together and embrace diversity. Here at Making, we’re creating an environment of kindness complimented with radical empathy.

In this space we believe:

  • Black Lives Matter

  • BIPOC are empowered and deserve a voice

  • All bodies are beautiful regardless of ability

  • Food security is a human right

  • Climate justice is racial justice

  • Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex is racial justice

  • Feminism is intersectional

  • People of faith are respected

  • The LGBTQ+ community is celebrated

  • Gender is a spectrum

  • Women are powerhouses with bodily autonomy

  • Immigrants enrich our culture and deserve proportional opportunities

  • The Earth needs to be respected and protected

  • Accessibility, equitability, and sustainability are top priorities

  • We must lead with kindness and compassion

The act of making is our needle — stitching common threads from our past into the present and through the future — the patchwork of our lives enriched by each and every stitch. Let’s build this community together piece by piece and make a space for every maker!

The Making Team

Knit & Crochet Badge


Not into labels.
full on fiber freak
Everything Badge

Emily Ching

Design Lead
wrapper of everything
Everything Badge

Drisana Rosales

Lead Copywriter
into text & textiles
Everything Badge

Leila Raven

Creative Director
dead serious about not taking life too seriously
Everything Badge

Madelynn Sare

Marketing Associate
always laughing amateur maker
Everything Badge

Nicole Remy

Software Engineer
lover of homes + houseplants
Everything Badge

Adi Michelle

Shipping + Receiving
unabashedly food motivated
Knit & Crochet Badge

Jen Joyce

Head of Marketing
knitter that never swatches
Everything Badge

Ashley Yousling

Founder & CEO
making woolful decisions
Knit & Crochet Badge

Marina Scott

Content Associate
all about the process (& the yarn)
Everything Badge

Carrie Hoge

Founder & Biz Dev
knitting nature with nurture
Everything Badge

Jason Buck

Head of Engineering
always creating and coding
Everything Badge

Cecily Glowik

Operations Manager
maker of all types, but I knit the most
Everything Badge

Amanda McLaurin

UX Designer
into crafts & crafting experiences
Everything Badge

Jerusha Neely

Customer Service +
knitted cat beds only
Everything Badge

David Yousling

Founder & Operations
ultra-runner of things